Emile Henry Fusain Papillote Steamer

Emile Henry Fusain Papillote Steamer

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Emile Henry Fusain Papillote Steamer 41x24cm/16x9.5" 2.2L/2.3qt 

The Papillote steamer allows you to cook all types of fish simply and easily! Thanks to our HR ceramic, the fish is cooked gently and evenly. The lid keeps in any fishy smells and creates a confined environment for steam cooking. Cooked whole or in portions, your fish will remain soft and tender, without adding any fat. Simply place your fish in the middle of the dish, add some vegetables and seasoning, close the lid and put in a hot oven! As with all Emile Henry products, the Papillote Steamer is made in France and guaranteed for 10 years.




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