Maxwell & Williams Eclipse Mug Blue 450ML Set of 4

Maxwell & Williams Eclipse Mug Blue 450ML Set of 4

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Maxwell & Williams Eclipse Mug Blue 450ML  Set of 4

Eclipse has a rustic handmade feel.
The contrasting gloss finish and raw stoneware base give these mugs a beautiful tactile quality and the unique snug mug shape and curved handle make them wonderfully comforting to hold.

  • Made of Stoneware
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Each mug 450ML  
  • Sold as Set of 4
  • Other sets available in 6 luxurious colors: Ruby, Rose, Rust, Teal, Blue or Grey.

Celebrating worldwide success, Maxwell & Williams is the name you can trust in delivering the best, in design and value that money can buy. Established in 1995, Australian owned and operated Maxwell & Williams has developed an internationally acclaimed brand of Quality, affordable tabletop.



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