All-Clad 10" Brushed D5 Fry Pan

All-Clad 10" Brushed D5 Fry Pan

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All Clad 10" Brushed D5 Fry Pan

A kitchen staple in a variety of sizes, the Fry Pan is well suited for fast cooking with oils over high heat. Gentlycurved sides facilitate turning, flipping, and releasing foods from the pan.

All-Clad patented d5 technology is a truly advanced cookware, with one of akind five-ply construction, designed for aspiring and professional chefs looking to achieve unprecedented cooking results. The alternating layers of higher and lower conductivity metals promote thermal diffusion and the lateral flow of cooking energy, which eliminates hot spots and resist warping. The 5 layer composition and added magnetic steel exterior ensure the cookware is induction friendly and maintains optimum contact with the cooktop at all times. With its improved balance, comfort and precision, the ergonomically enhanced stainless d5 cookware features an elegant matte-finished brushed aluminum exterior and newly designed attributes. D5 is up to 15 per centmore energy efficient than traditional bonded cookware and is dishwasher safe and compatible with all cooktops, making it versatile and easy to maintain.






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