Cuisipro Silicone Cleaning Sponge with 2 Different Scrubber Styles

Cuisipro Silicone Cleaning Sponge with 2 Different Scrubber Styles

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Scrub away the toughest of stuck on grime with the Cuisipro Silicone Cleaning Scrubby. Made of food grade silicone, this cleaning scrubby is built to outlast regular sponges, making it an eco-friendly and more sustainable option. Safe to use on pots, dishes, fruits/vegetables, sinks, tiles, or toilets. Easy to clean, simply place in boiling water or in the dishwasher for quick sanitation. The Silicone Cleaning Scrubby will be your go-to for all your cleaning needs.
  • Soft and flexible silicone bristles are safe to use on a varity of surfaces and for multiple uses. Ideal for cleaning dishes, glassware and cookware.
  • Non-porous silicone bristles that are easy to clean and disinfect
  • Dual function brush. Hard side to remove tough stains and soft bristle side for regular cleaning or getting to hard to reach areas
  • Heat resistant up to 410°F/210°C
  • Made from food grade silicone and is BPA free
  • Dishwasher safe



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