de Buyer Choc Non-Stick Frypan 24cm (Blue Handle)

de Buyer Choc Non-Stick Frypan 24cm (Blue Handle)

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de Buyer Choc Non-Stick Frypan 24cm (Blue Handle)

Pan perfect for delicate cooking, reheating...The Lyonnaise shape enables the food to slide easily onto a plate.
Choc 5 HACCP undeformable cookware: steady rise in temperature; uniform heat diffusion across the skirt. Reinforced bottom: guarantee of a smooth and flat bottom; most important heated surface. 5 layer coating: resistant for intensive use; optimal slip. Riveted iron handle curved French-style and epoxy coloured: compliance with HACCP; limits health risks; application of colour codes. Blue handle for fish.

  • Care: wash by hand only, non-abrasive sponge.
  • For all cook tops EXCEPT induction



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