de Buyer Kwik Mini Piston Funnel

de Buyer Kwik Mini Piston Funnel

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de Buyer Kwik Mini Piston Funnel

Piston funnel for filling, pouring, decorating with very liquid preparations (sauces, liqueurs...), cold or hot (80°C max.)
Suitable for plate service:

  • garnishing just before serving.
  • Catering: multiple dishes on the work surface, ready for garnishing.
  • Pouring by pressing the trigger: simplified flow control.
  • Handle design studied: ergonomic grip.
  • Stainless steel funnel, 0.8L: undeformable and heavy duty.
  • External mechanism: allows you to work within the funnel for easy filling.
  • Mechanism can be easily removed for easier cleaning.
  • Kwik comes with a silicone coated stainless steel wire stand: provides high stability; enables you to store a mixture; facilitates the filling.
  • Compact storage: turn the Kwik over and place the stand over it, upside down.
  • Care: dishwasher-safe.




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