Emile Henry Grand Cru Bread Loaf Baker

Emile Henry Grand Cru Bread Loaf Baker

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Emile Henry Grand Cru Bread Loaf Baker

Our Bread Loaf Baker allows you to bake all kinds of different homemade bread (sandwich loaf, gluten-free rye bread etc.), with a crispy crust and soft inside.

The domed lid in refractory ceramic creates the perfect level of humidity for a perfect loaf.

The lid has holes which help the dough to rise and get a crispy, golden crust all over, and the ribs on the bottom prevent the loaf from sticking. Its small handles make it easy to manipulate.   

Details & Care

  • All Emile Henry products are made in France and are guaranteed 10 years.
  • HR Ceramic®
  • Freezer/Microwave /Oven/Dishwasher
  • 10 years warranty 
  • Length / Diameter 28 cm
  • Width 14.5 cm
  • Height 12 cm
  • Inner length / Diameter 22 cm
  • Inner width 12.5 cm
  • Inner height 7.2 cm
  • Capacity 2.21 L
  • Weight -  2.24 KG
  • Maximum temperature 270 °C
  • Minimum temperature -20 °C


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