FFWP-301 Replacement Refrigerator Water & Ice Filter

FFWP-301 Replacement Refrigerator Water & Ice Filter

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FFWP-301 Replacement Refrigerator Water & Ice Filter

Fits Whirlpool*, KitchenAid*, Maytag*, side-by-side, bottom freezer & french door refrigerators with a quarter-turn filter located in the grille at the bottom of the fridge.

9902 4609908000 L400 WD-4396508
9908 4.80E+11 L400V WF285
223764 7.24E+11 L500 WF-285
469902 4392857R MF5 WF-300BR
469908 4396508P NJW-04 WFL400
2186444 4396509P NL240 WF-L400
2200203 46-9010 NL240V WFL400V
2203220 46-9902 NL300 F-L400V
2203980 46-9908 NMS05 WFL500
2255518 9902P NYTTIG-WFL-100 WF-L500
2305766 9908P OPFW-RF300 WF-LC00V
2305767 AFF5 PH21200 WFLC400V
2305768 APF0400 PL400V WFNL240
4392857 AQF-4396508 PL-600 WF-NL240
4396163 AQUACLEAR500 PP1000 WFNL240V
4396508 BCF85 PUR-00 WF-NL240V
4396509 CLCH100 QTSS WFNL300
4396547 CW-4396508 R-9010 WF-NL300
4396562 EDR5RXD1 RB-W1 WPRF-100
4396563 EFF-6002A RFC0500A WSW-1
4396918 EW-1 RWF0500A  
8212491 FILTER 5 RWF1020  
8212652 FILTER5 SBS002  



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