Global 12.25" Ham/Salmon Flexible Slicer

Global 12.25" Ham/Salmon Flexible Slicer

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Global 12.25" Ham/Salmon Slicer

The G-10 is a specialist salmon slicer. It has a really long and thin flexible blade that makes it suitable for this purpose only. These knives are typically used for cutting pieces of smoked salmon or trout, the blades are ideal for slicing long thin pieces, which is how smoked salmon is traditionally presented. The handle is the same as other G series knives and is comfortable to hold. There is a gap of about a inch from the handle where the blade is not sharpened to provide a bit of protection. This is the longest knife blade that Global produce and as such does not fit in any of the blocks and would also be a pain to put in a drawer. Ideally it needs to be put on a magnetic rack.




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