Hamilton Beach Professional Conical Burr Digital Coffee Grinder

Hamilton Beach Professional Conical Burr Digital Coffee Grinder

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If you're dedicated to great-tasting coffee, grinding whole beans right before brewing is key. The Hamilton Beach® Conical Burr Digital Coffee Grinder provides precise, uniform grinding for excellent coffee extraction cup after cup. Its 39 grind selections let you expertly grind everything from coarsely ground French press to finely ground espresso. The hands-free automatic operation lets you grind just enough beans for the number of cups you want to brew and it turns off automatically so there's no need to tend the machine. If your brewing method calls for exact measurements, the built-in scale and easy-to-read digital screen let you automatically grind to a specific amount of ounces or grams. If you want total grinding control, the manual mode is ideal for you. With manual grinding, you control the timing yourself and even better, you have the option to grind directly into your own portafilter using the unique portafilter holder. Whichever grinding option you choose, the Hamilton Beach Professional Conical Burr Digital Coffee Grinder always provides precise control.

CONICAL BURR COFFEE GRINDER PROVIDES PRECISE, UNIFORM GRIND FOR IDEAL COFFEE FLAVOR: The finely crafted stainless steel conical burr evenly grinds coffee to a uniform consistency so you can enjoy rich, full-bodied flavor.

39 GRIND SELECTIONS. This conical burr coffee grinder with adjustable grind settings (coarse, medium & fine) lets you choose the exact grind for every type of coffee.

AUTOMATIC MODE FOR UNATTENDED GRINDING. Choose between 1-12 cups of coffee or select your desired amount of coffee by ounces or grams. This conical burr coffee grinder with scale has hands-free operation that stops automatically when grinding is complete.

MANUAL MODE WITH ESPRESSO PORTAFILTER HOLDER: Grind for up to 60 seconds into your own portafilter using the portafilter holder, into the included coffee container, or into your own container.

DIGITAL COFFEE GRINDER: The digital control panel and display on this coffee grinder for French press, espresso, drip coffee and more lets you easily select and monitor your settings to simplify grinding.


  • Provides precise, uniform grind for ideal coffee flavor
  • 39 grind selections
  • Automatic mode for unattended grinding
  • Manual mode with espresso portafilter holder
  • Digital control panel and display
  • Easy to clean
  • Dimensions (inches): 13.8 H x 5.5 W x 8.9 D



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