Shun Premier 3pc Build-a-Block Set

Shun Premier 3pc Build-a-Block Set


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Shun Premier 3pc Build-a-Block Set

The Shun Premier 3-Piece Build-a-Block Set includes the beautiful Premier 8-inch Chef's Knife, Premier Combination Honing Steel, and our 6-slot slimline block. The slimline block's four open slots are sure to inspire you as you build your own custom set of Shuns.

Since the Chef's Knife is the one kitchen knife you can't do without, we've included it with this starter set.  The matching Premier Combination Honing Steel will help maintain your Shun-sharp edge. Made of durable, lightweight, and very renewable bamboo, this bamboo block will look beautiful on your kitchen counter and its slimline design takes up less space on your counter top. You'll also appreciate its easy-care performance. Since bamboo absorbs very little moisture, it doesn’t shrink or swell like other hardwoods, making it ideal for kitchen accessories. The Shun Premier 3-Piece Build-a-Block Set also makes a wonderful gift.

This beautiful set provides key kitchen essentials—with room to grow your collection.

Set includes:

  • 8-in. Chef's Knife 
  • Combination Honing Steel 
  • 6-slot Slimline Bamboo Block





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