Swiss Classic BBQ Cutlery Roll 7-piece Set

Swiss Classic BBQ Cutlery Roll 7-piece Set

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The right tools are essential, whether you’re a beginner, a grill enthusiast, or a BBQ master. Victorinox, maker of the original Swiss Army Knife, has been producing kitchen knives since 1884 and knows how to give you the edge in BBQ prep. The combination of our proprietary steel, perfectly balanced razor-sharp blades and ergonomic handle gives every home chef the opportunity to feel like a pro.

Set Includes:


  • 6.7603 Paring, 3 1⁄4" straight, spear point blade
  • 6.8413.15 Boning, 6" narrow, flexible blade
  • 6.8063.20 Chef's, 8" straight blade,
  • 6.8003.19 Carving, 8" straight blade,
  • 6.8223.25 Slicing, 10 1⁄4" Granton blade,
  • 7.8991.13 Steel, 9" round, regular cut, black plastic handle - with hangtag
  • 7.4012.6 Black Poly roll, 8 piece




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