Wave Tumbler Glass 290ml - Set of 2

Wave Tumbler Glass 290ml - Set of 2

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  • A premium series of tumblers and decanters, designed to delight the senses, and to enhance the experience of tasting top spirits. Featuring classic lines and deep polished cuts, these pieces will add style and luxury to any bar cabinet.
  • Engraved with deep, undulating cuts carved into the glass with the physical power of a sculptor's hand, the Wave tumbler offers eye-catching elegance, and a comfortable grip.
  • Innovative and environmentally concious, Eco Crystal is manufactured using electric furnaces & solar energy, emitting zero emissions as a by-product of production. Pure raw materials are used to ensure maximum brilliance, transparency and resistance.
  • Material: Luxion® Eco Crystal
  • Dimensions: Ø8.2 x H9.3cm
  • Capacity: 290ml
  • Packaging: Gift box
  • Country of Origin: Italy



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