de Buyer Le Tube Automatic Pastry Dispenser & Accessories

de Buyer Le Tube Automatic Pastry Dispenser & Accessories

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de Buyer Le Tube Automatic Pastry Dispenser & Accessories


Le Tube, a pressure pastry syringe with the same applications as pastry bags: filling, garnishing, decorating and providing the advantage of dosing.
Ideal with thick preparations such as creams, thick mousses, choux pastry...
Simple to use: dispenses a certain amount of the preparation by exerting pressure on the neck.
Has a knob with graduations (cl and oz.) to accurately regulate the amount dispensed.
Graduated transparent container (cl and oz.) of 0.75L: easy to fill.
Flexible syringe system: adapts to the amount of preparation in the container, stops the flow between two pressures.
Lids with "¼ turn" locking: quick and easy assembly.


New products 2019
Supplied with special shortbread biscuits kit, composed of 2 plain lids, a special lid (disc holder) and 13 removable decor discs for making various and original shortbreads, and choux pastry.


Supplied with 2 nozzles: 1 smooth and 1 fluted.
Compatible nozzles: de Buyer nozzles made of transparent TRITAN; interchangeable.


Care: dishwasher-safe.



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