de Buyer Silicon Non-Stick Pastry Mat 40x30cm

de Buyer Silicon Non-Stick Pastry Mat 40x30cm

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de Buyer Silicon Non-Stick Pastry Mat 40x30cm

Thin baking mat with marks, in silicone-coated glass fibre canvas.

  • Designed for making macaron shells.
  • Use for cold and hot: withstands extreme temperatures (from -40°C à +230°C).
  • Thin and very flexible mat: adaptable to all types and shapes of underlyhing baking support; does not affect the transmission of cold or heat.
  • Non-stick: easy pastry removal, better visual appearance.
  • Marks: ideal for calibrating macaron shells and other pastries; they facilitate macaron assembly.
  • Simple to use and efficient:
  •  Large diameter: filling area.
  •  Small diameter: positioning of the nozzle at the center.
  • Hygienic: easy to keep clean.
  • Do not store folded. Do not heat alone on a tray.
  • Care: dishwasher-safe. Dry thoroughly before storing flat.



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