Emile Henry Grand Cru Cheese Box

Emile Henry Grand Cru Cheese Box

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Ideal for storage in cool environments, the ceramic Cheese Box is practical to store, protect and serve all types of cheese.
Keeping the contents protected when stored in the fridge or a cellar, the lid of the box becomes an attractive serving platter once turned over.
With a capacity of 3.5L, the Cheese Box can hold up to 10 pieces. It was designed for optimal storage inside the box, but also inside the fridge. Narrow and deep, it takes little room on the shelf. Its flat lid allows to store other containers or dishes on top. Side grips make the Cheese Box and its lid easy to handle in the fridge and at the table.
Designed to take the cheese from the fridge to the table, simply turn the lid over, arrange the pieces of cheese, whole or in slices, and take to the table to serve.
Also practical for buffet-style meals and happy hour platters, the tray is sleek and perfectly sized. Smooth lines and a fine glaze make it an attractive piece of tableware.
Once finished, simply wrap the leftover cheese, return to the box, close with the lid after cleaning it and store.

Features & Care:

  • Length / Diameter 30,5 cm
  • Width 20,5 cm
  • Height 11,2 cm
  • Capacity 3,5 L
  • Weight - KG 2,5





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